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Solar panel manufacturers share with you the characteristics of monocrystalline silicon cells:

(1) Short-circuit current (ISC): When the positive and negative poles of the solar cell are short-circuited so that u=0, the current at this time is the short-circuit current of the cell, and the unit of short-circuit current is ampere (a), and the short-circuit current changes with the change of light intensity.

(2) Open circuit voltage (UOC): When the positive and negative poles of the solar cell are not connected to the load and i = 0, the voltage between the positive and negative poles of the solar cell is the open circuit voltage, and the unit of open circuit voltage is volts (V). The open-circuit voltage of a single solar cell does not change with the increase or decrease of the cell area, and is generally 0.5~0.7V.

The series and parallel resistance of the solar cell have a great influence on the fill factor, and the smaller the series resistance of the solar cell, the larger the parallel resistance, and the larger the coefficient of the fill factor. The coefficient of the fill factor is generally between 0.5~0.8, which can also be expressed as a percentage.

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