Introduction to the application scenarios of energy storage lithium batteries


With the rapid growth and decline of the development and cost of China's battery management technology enterprises, at present, in the household energy storage project, the lithium battery pack has become the mainstream cultural choice of the society, and the market resource share of the new chemical research battery has reached more than 95%, and the application service value of energy storage in the fields of renewable energy consumption, distributed generation and microgrid has not been affected, and more and more attention is paid to it, so what are the application scenarios of energy storage lithium batteries?

1. Household energy storage

Household energy storage lithium battery system mainly refers to the energy storage system installed in the residence, and its operation mode includes independent operation, operation with small wind turbines, rooftop photovoltaic and other renewable energy power generation equipment and household heat storage equipment. Applications for home energy storage systems include: power charge management, power cost control (low charge and high discharge), power supply reliability, distributed renewable energy access, and energy storage battery applications for electric vehicles.


2. Factory energy storage

Lithium battery packs can also be used in factory energy storage systems. I believe that everyone will be familiar with factories, because in every city, there will be some factories, including electronics factories, garment factories, and food factories, etc. These factories have made a great contribution to the economic development, and some products, including lithium battery packs and production equipment, will be used in the factories, and their applications can improve the efficiency of plant operations.

3. Photovoltaic energy storage

Photovoltaic energy storage is of great significance, smoothing the power change curve, improving the predictable accuracy of working power, enhancing the overallocation capacity of photovoltaic power generation technology system, and improving the friendliness of China's power grid. The internal management information system of energy storage lithium battery pack used in photovoltaic and solar energy has relatively stable production performance and high safety. As an energy storage device for photovoltaic systems, the energy storage efficiency of lithium battery can be increased to 95%, which can greatly reduce the cost of solar power generation enterprises in China. The lithium battery pack plays an important role in the development of the system at the same time, and it converts the electrical energy output from the data output of the photovoltaic power generation control system into chemical energy for use when the power supply is insufficient.

4. Energy storage system

The present invention can optimize the power distribution of the demand side, adjust the load regulation of the microgrid, improve the economic benefits of the microgrid system, solve the mismatch between the peak power consumption and the peak power generation, give full play to the flexibility and rapid response ability, and realize the optimal allocation of power resources. Driven by the escalation of the contradiction between supply and demand in the power grid system and related policies, the domestic distributed energy storage market is booming and gradually heating up.

Microgrid energy storage system

A microgrid is a collection of loads and micro-energies that can operate independently in an emergency. Lithium battery pack energy storage is an important part of microgrid energy storage power station. The high-performance lithium iron phosphate battery pack energy storage system can store excess energy and deliver it to the load when needed, making full use of various energy sources, and plays a vital role in the entire microgrid. With its superior performance, lithium iron phosphate battery pack can significantly improve the overall performance and various energy utilization rates of the microgrid system.


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