Photovoltaic power station manufacturers introduce the production process of photovoltaic modules


Do you know how many steps are required from the production, processing to the delivery of photovoltaic modules?

The first step is monolithic soldering: the cells are welded to the interconnection strips (tinned copper strips) to prepare for the series connection of the cells.

The second step is series welding: the cells are connected in series according to a certain number.

Step 3: Lamination: Continue the circuit connection of the battery strings, and protect the cells with glass, EVA film, and TPT backplate.

Step 4 Lamination: Cells and glass, EVA film, and TPT backsheet are bonded and fused together under certain temperature, pressure, and vacuum conditions.

Step 5 Framing: Cover the glass with an aluminum frame for easy installation at the same time.

Step 6 Cleaning : Ensure the appearance of the components.

Step 7: Electrical performance test: test the insulation performance and power generation power of the module

Finally, it is packed and put into storage.


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