How to calculate solar panel power?


As one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in Yangzhou, Shenzhou will introduce it to you.

A solar AC system consists of a solar panel, a charge controller, an inverter and a battery, while a solar DC system does not include an inverter. In order for the solar power system to provide sufficient power for the load, it is necessary to select each component reasonably according to the power of the electrical appliance. The following takes 100W output power and 6 hours a day as an example to introduce the calculation method: 1. First of all, the number of watt-hours consumed per day (including the loss of the inverter) should be calculated: if the conversion efficiency of the inverter is 90%, then when the output power is 100W, the actual output power required should be 100W/90%=111W, and if it is used for 5 hours a day, the output power is 111W*5 hours = 555Wh. 2. Calculate the solar panel: Calculate the effective sunshine time of 6 hours per day, and then take into account the charging efficiency and the loss in the charging process, the output power of the solar panel should be 555Wh/6h/70%=130W. 70% of this is the actual power used by the solar panel during the charging process.


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