Photovoltaic inverter occupies the market - technology


In recent years, China's photovoltaic industry has gradually recovered, but on the whole, it is still difficult to develop. The huge market demand once supported China's photovoltaic enterprises through the most difficult period, and at the same time laid hidden dangers for the development of the entire industry.

For a long time, the national policy is inclined to the construction of photovoltaic power stations, the demand for photovoltaic products has been increasing, and the construction cost of power stations has been relatively low. In order to make more profits, many companies directly purchase the original components and then assemble them according to the drawings, blindly pursuing the production quantity, ignoring the investment in photovoltaic product research funds, and lacking the ability to innovate, resulting in the product itself is not competitive. As a result, photovoltaic companies have entered a dead end where they are technologically backward and can only produce low-end products.

In the context of industrial recovery, the number of domestic solar installations will increase in the future, and domestic photovoltaic companies will face more fierce competition. How to get out of the chaotic market status quo of photovoltaic products and maintain the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry has become a common problem faced by domestic photovoltaic enterprises.

In fact, some companies seeking long-term development have realized that continuous production of low-end products is not the way for long-term development of enterprises. Only by focusing on the accumulation and innovation of technology and transforming into a manufacturer with R&D capabilities can we gain a foothold in the future competition.

As for how to improve innovation capabilities, Xiaobian believes that photovoltaic companies need to make up their minds, always put technical research in the first place, and squeeze out money to innovate in the face of great difficulties. In addition, the government should formulate sound policies, implement certain preferential or incentive mechanisms for innovative products, and implement more scientific and effective supervision of photovoltaic enterprises. In addition, establish a scientific research team to conduct rigorous inspection and certification of photovoltaic products, and control the quality level. Only with exquisite products can enterprises gain a firm foothold in the development of big waves and sands, and China's photovoltaic industry can have a healthy and rapid development.


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